J’adore ” #London Grammar “

London Grammar´╗┐ land Dior´╗┐’s new global TV campaign with the Shoe’s remix of their breakthrough song “Hey Now” from their Mercury prize nominated debut album “If You Wait”. The album, a sonic reflection of the first quarter life crisis,contains songs like “Waisting my young years”, “Sight” or “Strong” which have become anthems for the melancholy and despondency of the mid-twenties.

"I have a lot of friends now who are really lost," "We got to go to university and have a good education, but we’re finding ourselves in a position where it’s impossible to get jobs, and we’re terrified. So many people I know don’t know what to do with their lives.", told Hannah Reid, the band’s vocalist, the Guardian in an 2013 interview.

The fact that their song has been chosen by Dior to be the soundtrack of its new TV global campaign will certainly provide them with a major career boost. “Hey Now ” has generated a plethora of official an unofficial remixes. Listen below to one of our favourites “Hey Now” remixes by the legendary DJ and producer ,Sasha. Get the deluxe version of London Grammar’s debut album “If You Wait ” here from iTunes!