The Musical Pundit Returns- Stream Flying Lotus’ New Album!

Flying Lotus is the stage name of the L-A super-producer Steven Allison whose new album ” You’re dead!” will be released on October 6th in the UK and October 7th in the US via the pioneering British record label Warp Records ( home to Brian Eno, Oneohtrix Point Never, Darkstar, and Rustie to mention a few), following the release of " Until the quiet comes" in 2012. In anticipation of its release, the new album is streaming free online for 24 hours on their website.Hurry up, because it’s pretty epochal!The stream will also include the feature-length film “Psychadelic Death Trip” by Xavier Magot. The 19-track effort also features collaborations with ex-Dirty Projectors member Angel Deradoorian, Snoop Dogg, Thundercat, and Allison’s hip-hop alter ego, Captain Murphy.

According to the press release, the title “You’re Dead!” was initially meant to be comic in meaning, but gained emotional weight while Allison was provoked to consider his own mortality and the losses he has delt with, especially the death of his aunt, the great jazz pianist Alice Coltrane.For an album musing on the mystery of mortality which is , alas, intrinsically human, it’s a very pollyannaish one. Astonishingly so! Allison’s ability to flutter effortlessly between genres with great panache is unputdownable.His fascination with jazz is ubiquitous throughout the album. Jazz legendary pianist/composer Herbie Hancock, who was recently named professor of poetry at Harvard university, lends his talents in the track “Tesla”. In the album, he uses drum samples lifted from vintage live recordings.Still , you don’t have to be jazz connoisseur to enjoy this album. While unpacking his fascination with jazz , you will sink deep into electronica, hip-hop , R&B and funk.Each song averages a two minute length, blending into the next , making the record phantasmagorical, almost like lucid dreaming.

"Never Catch Me", the first song shared from the new album , which features Kendrick Lamar, is a perfect example of Flying Lotus’s eclectic sonic style.- "I can see the darkness in me and its quite amazing, life and death is no mystery and I wanna taste it", he sings in this jazz-centric rap song where the key changes are dazing.Lamar’s highly-vivid manner of rapping is paired with cymbals and exhilarating synth lines. All propped up by a curious piano motif that repeats itself from start to finish. Straight up bonkers music! Truth is, Allison has never put boundaries in his quest toward creating his own musical lingo. With ” You’re dead!” he might has well created it.

Check out below the video of ” Never Catch Me”- directed by Japanese cinematographer Hiro Murai . Filmed at a church, two kids sit up from their death-beds and dance away. Nothing looking like a zombie outbreak here. Instead, they perform some lively dance moves as they cheerfully drive off.Did they cheated it? Catch them if you can! We will not be left bereft of answers by this quizzical song. The answers are , maybe, to the be found in the closing track of the album , ” The Protest”, where Laura Darlington and Kimbra gently sing in a mantralike way: " We will live on forever". You can listen to ” The Protest” from Spotify below!